SEO: how to put your Virtual Shop on the first page of Google


SEO: how to put your Virtual Shop on the first page of Google

1) in a very objective: what is SEO?

SEO is a term used in the market which means website optimization for search engines. Through the application of this technique, you can get your site/e-commerce well positioned on search engines, your store with relevant content, improved performance and usability to your consumer.

2) about his role for electronic commerce sites? (Why is it important to invest in SEO to a virtual store?)

The fundamental role of SEO application in e-commerce is of paramount importance to the stores who want to differentiate and compete at a high level with their competitors who are better positioned in search engines. In general, terms, when the SEO is well applied, the e-commerce gets a better seeding/positioning in various search engines and so attracting many visitors to your online store. Consequently, the more visitors, the greater the chances of a sale.

It is worth remembering that the SEO aims to attract an audience well qualified, as are optimized the most important terms of e-commerce and can be a service or product.

The SEO can be applied in shops of all sizes and types, simply having the right professional acting.

3) what are the concepts and essential points that an e-commerce Manager needs to know about the subject?

The Manager’s role in monitoring the work of SEO is crucial because to achieve a level of quality it is necessary to also use the company’s brand and makes her reference to the market and your target audience. The Manager has to know exactly where, how and when your brand and products are being explored and disseminated.

The Manager’s focus should not be on the technique involved, but the clear goal of what you want, how long and how that work is being carried out. Query reporting, analysis and always ask for explanations about the points that leave doubts.

In this way, the Manager needs to understand also that the search engines constantly change their rules and that a job well done for SEO can take 1 to 3 months to start giving the desired results.

4) Invest in SEO for e-commerce is expensive? The more or less is the initial expenditure with that? (Mainly to small and medium-sized)

This varies from agency/professional, has companies that charge by the hour, others do packages of services, there are companies that charge for specific services, other close a period and charge monthly, companies that only accept the account depending on the volume of sales and revenue from their online store, order businesses that charge by step completed and by percentage of pre-agreed results.

When we talk about values of some service, the manager shall measure the difficulty applied to carry out each stage of the work. Before the budget, the professional should assess the ‘health’ of the store regarding SEO, as well as all points outside the warehouse and then diagnose the processes and steps that will be used in that project.

Typically simple designs can have its budget started in 1,500.00 R$, for specific jobs and necessary 1 to 2 long hours dedicated and may reach over 50000/month already talking about advanced techniques in large shops and work teams.

5) there are several fronts when it comes to e-commerce (keywords, sponsored links, ads). What are the peculiarities of each?

Yes, there are several ways to achieve the same goal. The important thing is to understand what you want, how long, what the target audience, the potential, the return and the investment required for each type of medium.

Keywords can be worked in SEO, PPC, content generation and even in graphical advertising (banners for example).

Sponsored links, as its name says, is when the shopkeeper pays so that your store is disclosed. Usually, the shape of recovery is the CPC (cost per click) so that your advertisement appears and someone clicks are charged the pre-set value for that click. There is also the format CPM (cost per thousand), where the advertiser pays for every 1000 views of their propaganda. For advertising, the entrepreneur can invest in search engines, social networks, computer programs and in mobile applications. There is a huge range of companies who charge for publishing Web sites and e-commerce in the form of links platrocinados.

Ads can be in various formats, such as static or animated banners, blog posts or paid materials in videos among others.

6) many experts point out the SEO as a performance strategy that generates traffic and result to the shopkeeper. On the other hand, invest that is a mistake?

As the primary rule of investment is diversification, it also applies to the internet

No account invest in all means of communication, but it is important to note as we said previously that each medium serves to achieve a given target audience or purpose and to complete other means.

The work applied in SEO is usually durable good compared to other ways to bring traffic to your store, once held and maintained correctly with goals fine strokes, achieve great results, both in access and sales as has been proven by us and by the talent in the business.

7) SEO strategies to a virtual store should be monitored daily, or Manager can implement your SEO and accompany him, for example, only in periods of events like mother’s day and Christmas.

SEO is a daily work should not stop. Already follow cases that a lot has changed from night to day, and if we weren’t keeping up with, indeed the client would have serious problems. So I would suggest Yes, the shopkeeper perform a contract for a period for which the agency or professional can take care of your project efficiently and committed.

When we talk about special dates in SEO, are jobs that must begin long before (at least 03 months) so that the desired result is achieved. And Yes, there is an accompaniment during the period contracted.

8) the contents of a virtual shop (texts, images, videos) also influences on SEO?

Surely. The SEO, when worked focusing internal areas of the store, is called On page SEO, so are taken into consideration both technical aspects as content.

Once the e-commerce ready to see its contents, whether institutional or reviews of products, SEO work comes into action, creating, modifying and adjusting the texts, images and videos that can create a United single tune on the internet and doing with what the search engines can understand that content has quality and deserves a highlight, so that front page positioning to competitors.

It is important to say that the content is well done, following the best practices also help to reduce costs with sponsored links in CPC (cost per click) in some search engines.

9) in the case of hiring an outsourced service to take care of it, what are the points for attention?

The Manager must be very attentive and professional company that employs. With the growth of e-commerce in Brazil, also increased the amount of service offerings in digital marketing, the companies themselves as courses and gurus, who often leave something to be desired on time to do a good job.

So the Manager needs to be aware of these factors:


  • If you hired a consultant of e-commerce, see if he has knowledge of SEO so that you can indicate a good supplier.
  • See if this consultant performs some SEO analysis of your website or competitor.


  • many platforms operating in its marketing that is optimized for SEO (care);
  • Analyze if the URLs are friendly (addresses of the pages should be easy to read, e.g.;
  • See by placing the mouse over an image without clicking appears written the title of the picture;
  • Request access to an administrative panel of the demonstration, make sure that the registration of the product there are fields unique to SEO as:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords (Keyword)
  • the title of the image
  • Some technical information is important at the time of hiring:
  • the performance of the platform and server type (it influences a lot in the positioning of your store).
  • If the platform uses some system file compression.
  • the platform should not contain Flash animations.
  • the platform has to generate and export the Sitemap (a map of the store links) of the XML store.


The Manager has to take attention:

  • contact with customers that the Agency is given and ask what’s your experience, your positioning, service and others;
  • the Agency has to bring innovations, e.g. Creation of infographics, creating materials, suggestions of videos, etc.
  • the Agency has to offer a support so that the Manager can better understand the information and report data that is tracking;
  • the Agency has to present separately the result that is happening because of the SEO work for other marketing activities.



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