What are the advantages of using Universal Analytics?


What are the advantages of using Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA) is not news to anyone. The most popular tool to measure and analyze navigational data of users at sites increasingly conquest users, between companies and individuals. Now, a lot of people don’t know that about a year ago Google used the GA code and released the Universal Analytics (AU), a new model for the platform that allows for better data collection on various devices.

Don’t know yet? Because we highlight below some of the advantages for you to update the code and enjoy the best that the AU and GA have to offer.

The User ID

With the Universal Analytics, only a single system can be associated with multiple sessions (and activities within it). Thus, it is possible to obtain more accurate data of your users ‘ navigation in various devices, allowing an in-depth analysis of the experience of the user who logged in.

The enhancement allows you to consolidate data that were once independent (that is, the administrator does not know who owns the information collected), and indicate how specific users behave.

Advanced features of Universal Analytics customization

When using the UA, you can configure according to your needs, four options present in the Administrator page. They are:

Session timeout and campaigns: by default, expire in 30-minute sessions and campaigns, after six months. But with the UA cannot edit these settings according to your projects.

Origins of organic search: with the new code it is possible to add, delete, and reorder the list of search engines that are recognized by the platform, for reporting and data collection.

Deletions of references: this is the traffic that comes to your site from another source, such as a link in a different domain. This new feature allows you to remove from your third-party shopping carts references (preventing customers from being counted as new sessions and as a reference to finalize the purchase and return to your site).

Exclusions of search terms: you can now delete who, for example, type the address of your site or your company name in the Google search engine. This traffic will be counted as straight and not as search traffic.

Enhanced features of e-Commerce

Who handles Commerce received with joy the creation of a particular area in Google Analytics. Now, with the UA you can encode your business website with a particular plug-in. It allows creating advanced reports, analyzing e-commerce purchases and consumer behavior.

New tracking code

One of the problems faced by administrators of the GA was what concerned users of mobile devices. With the growth of the area, it was necessary to create a code more flexible, allowing the collection of data without the need to insert specific code on each page to be analyzed.

With the new code, it is possible to configure and customize so much easier.

Custom metrics and dimensions

If the GA standard metrics and dimensions existed, with the UA, you can create and customize your own. They allow you to collect and analyze data that the platform does not follow automatically. Just set them on your system once they become part of your report.


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